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Walk-about Singapore ...
There are many Singapore points of interest, and for Singapore tourism is a high priority as it does not have any natural resources and they have invested heavily in tourist attractions like casinos, theme parks etc. Having spent some time in Singapore, and leaving something behind, here are a couple of suggestions of places to visit and things to do in Singapore which will not cost a lot of money.

VIRTUAL TOUR - Marina Bay Area (5 picture nodes)
Starting from the Central Business District promontory, a virtual tour of Marina Bay.  (Right-click photo for full screen.  Click and drag mouse to navigate the 360)

GGPKG Preview ImageGGPKG Preview Image

VIRTUAL TOUR - Singapore River (8 Picture nodes)
Starting from Boat Quay, Clark Quay, back round North Boat Quay and ending by Cavenaugh Bridge/Fullerton Hotel  (Right-click photo for full screen.  Click and drag mouse to navigate the 360)

GGPKG Preview ImageGGPKG Preview Image

Less than $50USD/day
This is possible, but then you are looking at dormitory style accommodation or hostels. My requirement for the whole trip for all accommodation was 1) Good and free WIFI 2) Good ensuite bathroom. This is very hard to find in Singapore if not impossible.

Cheapest area for accommodation in Singapore ... Geylang area

There are a number of cheaper hotels in the area and quite a few Hotel81's. Geylang is a working class area, and very down to earth.  Before booking on-line I went for a visit.  There had to be a reason why these hotels were so much cheaper than the other hotels in Singapore.  Yes .. this is not a tourist area.  And there are some working ladies on the main strip.  But it is all very much focused on the locals.  The MRT is Aljunied a couple of stops from City Hall and Bugis on the line to Changi Airport.  I checked out the hotel room... and it was not too bad.  But it was slightly more than $50USD at the time. I gave it 3 stars on my Google review and Aimison made a response to my review which you can read.  

 I tried to negotiate a rate at the front desk, but found that the internet rates were better.
There are 2 clear advantages with staying at Geylang.  1)  the ABC's (Apple, Beetroot, and Carrot juice) are pretty good and the friendliest .. at $2.50 each.  Bargain and 2) There is a'no signboard" seafood restaurant near the MRT station. A well known local brand favourite but not sure if prices are any cheaper here than at one of their more upmarket locations.

Getting across the Border - 14 May 2016
Singapore - Malaysia ... longest queue of the trip?   
I took the bus from Golden Mile Plaza in Singapore, and it cost $26SGD. It was supposed to take 7 hours but it took actually about 8.5 hours. What I can tell all the buses to KL are pretty good. I took a mid-price bus company and just after lunch on a Saturday which made it cheaper than an early morning bus. Here is the border crossing on the Malaysia passport control side. I have not experienced such a queue anywhere before ... and hoping that this will be worst of the journey.  Dubai comes close.  

Over 1 hour waiting in line, but I was not the last one to arrive back at the bus. And I can't imagine that this was a peak time. Everyone took it in their stride, good atmosphere ... no-one seemed to mind, with most folks spending their time on their mobile phones. Biggest tip I can give anyone here is .. there appears to be lines that queue up to a counter manned by two agents. Hard to tell when you all the way back but the counters further back funnel one line to 2 agents. These lines are much faster. I was next to one such line ... umm.

My favourite memory song for Singapore ...