Final Post … thank you!

December 12, 2016 Derek

This is was my final post on Facebook on DerekAcrossAsia page...

Hello everybody... this MY LAST POST ON DerekAcrossAsia.... I AM HOME. Too many people to thank... but this project now comes to an end and a new chapter begins. I achieved more than expected from my original objectives set out in Singapore in April of this year... unchanged and documented on the About section of my website linked to this page. This FB page will stay up for my daughter and hope she will follow my footsteps oneday. Here she is here and we had not seen each other in over a year. She picked me up with her mother at Grouw train station today and we walked to my new home 2km away. With backpack... I was determined we would do it together. ("Wie ben ik" means .. "who am I?" ) Thank to all the people i met along the way who made it very special. Also those I was able reconnect with from my past... as a result of social media... and finally the new virtual friends whom I have only met online. My door is truly open to you all here in Grouw. As you can see I am truly blessed... and as I have said to friends&family... I aim to do my next gig exactly as i have done this one and how i got to this point. Thank you again.. hope you enjoyed it too ... the point was to put myself out there and share. Bye bye until the next time. Everyday is a new beginning one step and day at a time. Safe and happy travels to all. Take care. Derek