Kymer Republic, Democratic Kampuchea - turbulent recent past but also Angkor Wat
Slight detour from my travel directly back to Europe, but I wanted to see Angkor Wat. When I was in Japan there was a Cambodian Restaurant near our office in Shinjuku where used to have lunch now and again. They had a picture of Angkor Wat. Be good to see it and the memories of Tokyo as well.

Transportation Options and Experience
The roads were pretty good. Mini-buses are the transportation options between the cities. Also tried the sleeper bus .. but did not really fit. There is a train in Cambodia and in Phnom Penh I did go to the main railway station and there are now trains 2 times a week down South to the coast. I explored this option, but decided to head to Vietnam and start heading back home.

Walk-abouts in traveled through Cities
Straight to Siem Reap the city just South of Angkor Wat, then Capital Phnom Penh


With Phil and Lisa we did a mini-tour by tuk-tuk. The following day I rented a bicycle and cycled around the perimeters of all the temples and this I would recommend very much as you go to places where tuk-tuks do not go, and too far to walk. (Right click for full-screen. Click photo and drag mouse to navigate the 360)

GGPKG Preview ImageGGPKG Preview Image

The following are links of photospheres posted on Google maps StreetView.

south gate Angkor thom  cambodia
South gate Angkor Thom me on the perimeter wall

Victory gate Angkor Cambodia
Victory gate Angkor Cambodia.. with minibus for perspective

Bayon south library siem reap cambodia
Phil, Lisa and me against the wall next to a shrine overlooking Bayon south library

Me, Phil and Lisa staging a pose .. not filmed at this temple though!

VIRTUAL TOUR - Phnom Penh - the Capital

Quite a simple trip down from Siem Reap arriving in Phnom Penh in a local bus for a 7 hour journey for $5usd. Slept for a full 12 hours and then realized I did not have a current Vietnam Visa so had to visit the Vietnamese embassy ad combined this with a walk-about of the city.

GGPKG Preview ImageGGPKG Preview Image

Phnom Penh is a nice and friendly city, but just like in Siem Reap, the tuk-tuk drivers are always in your face. Learnt a couple of Cambodian words which helped me along ... "Ot te Orkun" - no thank you .... and "nohn ort trouw ka tuk tuk" - I do not need a tuk tuk .... always bringing a smile as they are not expecting any Cambodian coming from me! 🙂

Less than $50USD/day
Absolutely no problem at all in Cambodia. My stay in Siem Reap Pub Hostel for a private ensuite was $12usd, and my stay in Phnom Penh was $20USD at The Artist and $18 including view room and breakfast at the Diamond Palace Hotel just down the same road.

Getting across the Border - 21st July 2016
After messing up my Visa for Vietnam ( I thought I had dates for July, but it was valid for June, I had to wait a few days in Phnom Penh, then decided to meet up with some friends back in Siem Reap and took the overnight sleeper bus to Ho Chi Minh City. The journey documented on my facebook page, but a well organized event by the bus company although I did not hand my passport to the bus conductor and delayed proceedings at the border as had to get a scooter back with him to get my passport stamped at the Cambodian side. With a bus the whole process is organized by the bus company. They also guide you across the border and avoid any tuk-tuks hassling you for crossing the border.

Random Cambodia Posts

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