From most Western city of China, Kashgar, cross the border to Kyrgyzstan
18 hours with International bus from Kashgar, China to Osh in Kyrgyzstan and do not need a Visa. Bishkek the capital to get Russian Visa

Transportation Options and Experience
Here I found that for internal travel it is by shared taxi or minibus. Then for shorter distances you have the "marshrutka" which is basically a standard minivan as the local bus service. There is also a very good app for your mobile which you tap your current location and destination and tells you which Marshrutka numbers will take you there .. or close enough! I got on a few and had to walk a block or two .. which here and in my case to the Kazakhstan was a couple of kilometers. But they are really cheap with 10som to get you anywhere

Walk-abouts in traveled through Cities
Main objective was to get the Russian visa in Bishkek, and spent most of my time doing visas in Bishkek and did not really want to make 500km day trips to see another mountain or lake .. I was pretty happy to stay in Bishkek and the hostel and chill before the final leg to Europe. So only Osh and Bishkek I am afraid! 🙂

After a good trip across the border from China which I captured on my facebook page and on the post below, I arrived late in the evening in Osh and had my 1st pasta and soup for a couple of months!  (Right click for full-screen. Click photo and drag mouse to navigate the 360)

GGPKG Preview ImageGGPKG Preview Image

TRAVEL TO BISHKEK (the capital), Kyrgyzstan
The mini-bus trip from Osh to Bishkek was quite cool with wonderful mountain scenery and driving around a lake. We also stopped of at a village where one of our passengers I understood later had an old schoolteacher and he wanted to say hello. After a while she came out with some bread and honey to dip the bread in. Also the ride was interesting as we passed quite a few livestock herders who used the road to move their livestock. Saw quite a few sheep and cows, and in one instance a whole herd of horses. You get warning as their is usually a person (young boy or lady) who rides ahead with a a red-flag to warn oncoming traffic.

VIRTUAL TOUR - Bishkek (the capital), Kyrgyzstan
Arrived again late in the evening in Bishkek. But did not have to walk too far to the Hostel. Spent most of my days going from one embassy to the next. And will make a post of this "VISA ADVENTURE" once I have obtained all the right visas to get home. Bishkek is a nice city and maybe it was just a good time of year to visit. Coming onto winter so it was fresh and cool. There are many parks, museums, Theaters and monuments to visit and captured here on a couple of my walk-abouts.  (Right click for full-screen. Click photo and drag mouse to navigate the 360)

GGPKG Preview ImageGGPKG Preview Image

Less than $50USD/day
This was very easy in Kyrgyzstan. I stayed in a guesthouse in Osh and a Hostel in Bishkek. Both times in a dormitory and under $15USD night. Food was also pretty inexpensive in the city but you just have to ask around for the good places with an English menu. Assuming you do not know what you are reading! 🙂

My favourite memory song for Kyrgyzstan ...