Derek's Trip Across Asia - 2016
Singapore to Europe by Bus, Train and Ferry
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Last website update : 04 March 2017 - Grou, Friesland - Netherlands

Folks... below and from the main menu bar you can join along virtually with a view each country. This website accompanies the FACEBOOK page of the same name.  Facebook Local/Travel Website Page but on this dedicated website I  "show-off" my technical website design and development skills  🙂  With a lot of digital CONTENT shared daily on Facebook, I here try and summarize the "best bits" in a multi-media timeline using 360 degree Virtual Tours, Photospheres in Google maps StreetView and videos.  This is my Gig ... multi-media and VR... enjoy.. and I hope inspire you to do the same! 🙂

Netherlands: 12 December 2016 Final Destination: Grou, Friesland

Folks ... on the 10th of December I was picked up by my family in Grou, Netherlands. You can see this last post in the Europe tab. The overland trip from Singapore to Europe was completed.

Below is a screenshot of the map I used to log my journey. The red/pink pins are places I visited or stayed the night. The yellow are places where the bus or train stopped at along the way. The green was the original plan. This website will be further updated to share more details of the trip and the places I stayed. And will remain as a digital record for my wonderful journey.

pins used on click on image to go to home page. (the free mobile download-offline-maps app I used for the entire journey) uses satellite GPS, no local data SIM card required.

My favourite journey through Autonomous Region Tibet

My favourite song of the journey ... one song on each country page